The Anti-Cloud Service is a complete KVM based, Hypervisor Management System, capable of controlling multiple Anti-Cloud servers in a geo-diverse architecture through a centralized Dashboard. It is Redundant – local and remote – “Near” Real-Time Replication/Backup over IDS’s ON (Optimized Network) Service.

Secure, Private, Data Backup

  • In a Hardened, One Floor Underground, 300,000 sq. ft. purpose built Data Center
  • On a different Power Grid then Philly and NYC
  • IDS's ON Service or Private Fiber connection between the Client’s LAN and IDS’s Data Center
  • Individual, Dedicated, Client Hard Drives
  • Compliant – SSAE 16 / SAS 70 / HIPPA / PCI Certifications

Near Real-time Replication

  • Multi-Server capable
  • Near Real-time Replication System within the USA

Service2 Price1
Anti-Cloud Server

Anti-Cloud Server specs - 2 x 6 Haswell Cores, 64 Gigs of DDR3 1600Mhz ECC RAM, 48 TB’s of 7200 RPM, RAID 10, HD’s and 2 x 500 Gig SSD’s in a RAID 1 setup for the OS, with a Triple Redundant Power Supply. Additional Anti-Cloud Server(s) are required for the Near-Realtime replication/failover service.

Anti-Cloud Software

(License per one Server, with Lifetime Updates & Version Upgrades)

Networking Equipment

Networking Equipment - UPS, IP Power Strip and Gig Switches.

Hosted Colocation

Redundant Power, 2 U's of rack space, 100Mpbs Burstable Internet per Anti-Cloud Server

Private Fiber IP Transport

Private Fiber IP Transport above 100 Mbps is available upon request, pricing is ICB.

$300.00/100 Mbps Burstable/month
$3,000.00/100 Mbps dedicated/month
Cold Data Storage
Hot Data Storage
Data Storage Raid 10 (requires 4 drives)
$150.00/Usable TB/month
7200 rpm, 3.5" Hard Drives
$250.00/3 TB Drive
$350.00/4 TB Drive
$500.00/6 TB Drive
Disaster Recovery Seats

1 Leasing payment options available. Server, Software and Networking Equipment ($24,000.00 total) would be available for only $900.00 or less per month for 36 months in our Leasing Option; depending upon Credit Approval.

2 4 hour SLA for on-site escorted access, after Notice is given.