IDS gives you MORE Bandwidth for less money!

IDS is a CSP (Communication Service Provider) with Fiber Access Rights, in thousands of Metro High-rise buildings, throughout the Major Metro Areas in the USA.

IDS has 10 Gig IP Transit connections with several of the top ten Internet Backbone Providers, throughout the USA, in the main Peering Points that help to make up the Internet.

IDS has identified about 300 buildings, throughout 20 Metros, where IDS plans to “Light” the Fiber by deploying our equipment, which will enable us to provide our Services to over 15,000 Commercial Tenants in those buildings. 

IDS has developed its own proprietary technology, which is a combination of Hardware and Software, that enables us to provide Gig Speed Internet Service throughout those buildings called BLIS (Business Level Internet Service).  We can provide BLIS, in buildings even more then 100 stories tall, without having to install any additional Fiber or Wiring. 

IDS is a Wholesale VoIP Provider, with our own custom Class 4 & 5 Soft Switch called the Secure Fast-Switch.  We guarantee 200 Kbps per SIP Trunk and we use the G.711 Codec, which enables us to provide the highest quality, non-compressed, Toll-quality, digital Telephony Service available in the VoIP Market.

IDS provides a premium Databackup solution called the Anti-Cloud Service that includes a Secure, Private, connection between the Client’s LAN and IDS’s Secure, underground, SSAE 16 / SAS 70 / HIPPA / PCI Compliant Data Center, which is on a different Power Grid from Philly and NYC, but still within 2 hours drive of both Metro Areas.  Our Data Center was one of the only ones to meet the SEC’s criteria for a “Wall Street West” facility.  We are the only company, as far as we know, that can provide Private Fiber connectivity between the NYC SiFi (Systemically Important Financial Institutions) Locations and a Secure, Fully Certified Data Center, with Disaster Recovery Seats available, on a different Power Grid then NYC, that is still within the 2 hour driving distance from NYC.

IDS has developed a unique, all-encompassing Service called EPICC.  It is a better and more cost effective solution then Office 365 – either as a stand-alone or add-on system and, in addition, it is a complete LAN Management System.  As part of the latter, we are also able to provide Dedicated, Guaranteed, Symmetric Internet Service to our Client’s End Point devices within their LAN.

IDS provides 24/7/365, USA based, Tier 2 & 3 Support on all of our Services, with additional Paid IT Support available for any non-IDS Service related issues.  Our goal is to be our Client’s IT Staff’s security blanket and their favorite, most reliable Troubleshooting Resource – 24/7/365.

IDS provides the best possible Internet (BLIS), Telephony (Secure Fast-Switch), Databackup & Near-Realtime Replication/Failover (Anti-Cloud Service), LAN Management & Group Collaboration (EPICC) and 24/7/365 USA Based IT Support available anywhere in the USA!